What Social Media Networks Should Your Business Be Using?

There are plenty of good reasons for a company to use Social Media: lead generation, branding, customer relationship management, link-building and more. In this post, we will look at some of the key social media channels that businesses should consider and how they can fit into your online strategy.



Twitter is becoming one of the best lead generation tools for small businesses. With geolocation available through 3rd party software applications, and Twitter ads allowing you to target by location as well, it is one of the most powerful social media networks available. For a restaurant owner or a music studio, you can now target people on Twitter that have expressed an interest in your product for relatively little money in advertising.

Twitter is also a great way to engage with existing customers and to handle customer service issues. Taking a customer’s complaint and addressing it on Twitter can be a great way to take control of the narrative and convert them back to being a loyal customer.

Try searching Twitter for conversations that you think your customers are having on Twitter. If you have a new hardware store, find out where people are talking about home improvement and lend a voice to the discussion. It’s a clever way to advertise to a very motivated customer segment.


Facebook still remains an important part of any social media strategy for a business. The most powerful dynamic being that of the personal recommendation that someone can make for your business on Facebook. If someone mentions an exceptional experience they had at your restaurant on Facebook, likes your page and recommends you to all of their friends, you have likely generated a great deal of additional business.

One challenge of Facebook is to understand the right type and amount of content to post to your company’s page. Because the longer shelf life of a post (relative to Twitter), you have fewer chances to get your content perfected and fewer attempts to get viral content. Posting images and videos is a recommended content type along with questions that engage your target audience.


Linkedin is a great place to make higher level business connections, as well as generate potential leads. Additionally, creating a LinkedIn profile for your business is a great way to link back to your blog and your company’s site for SEO purposes.

Connecting your business to your Linkedin network is another powerful channel for you to connect with potential leads. Linkedin is also a unique opportunity for you to present yourself in a more professional context where Facebook might fall short.


Flickr is a great way to outsource your photos as well as an affordable way to build a photo ecosystem for your clients to experience. Flickr is certainly not for every business so don’t force it. Again, sticking with our principle of linkbuilding, Flickr is another great opportunity to get your site out on a trusted website.


If your company has a blog, Pinterest is a great way to share your custom graphics and images. Posting every blog post to Pinterest not only gives people a great way to get a visual sense of your blog, but once again provides those critical links back to your site.


Google+ is a relatively new social network, but already boasts over 500 million users (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google%2B). Getting your business listed on Google+ as well as Google Places will create a complete profile for your company that is easily searchable and provide a map of your location if you have one.

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