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We Always Ask “Why?”

Photo courtesy of http://branddigital.com.

Photo courtesy of http://branddigital.com.

If you are familiar with the show Mad Men, our process involves pitching ideas (slogans, themes, logos, etc.) to our clients until they stick. The first question we ask our clients is “why are you building a website?” Asking this question is essential to understanding the business goals of our clients and how a digital presence fits into their existing strategy. We may not be as well dressed as Don Draper or Roger Sterling, but we make up for it by having computers at our disposal.

Similarly to the Carnegie approach to business, caring about the nuances of a client’s business allows their digital presence to be an organic extension of their current operation rather than a vestigial arm. Often times our client’s will learn new things about their business through this discovery process. Being based in Washington, D.C. and with a background in the political world, we are all too aware of the importance of parsing language and the importance of careful messaging.

Break Through The Noise With Effective Branding

Breaking through the online “noise” with your website is challenging these days, but, people recognize a well-designed and effectively branded online presence. We strive for perfection when it comes to your online messaging and presenting your brand. Building trust with our clients at this level makes the web development process that much easier and natural.

We pride ourselves on writing clear copy and creating organized layouts so that new and existing customers will be able to quickly and easily understand what you do, why you do it and how to start spending money. All of our designs incorporate the most up to date best practices for usability studies and design layouts.

Re-Discover Your Brand

If you feel like your online presence is falling short and that your customers are walking away from your online brick and mortar, we can help you understand why. Often times a solution is as simple as changing copy or reorganizing your site layout. Alternatively, starting from scratch is often the most cost-effective approach to improving your online presence. Call us today at (202) 681-0814 or email [email protected] to see how you can improve your brand and your digital presence. Visit our Contact page to submit a project proposal.

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