Isotope jQuery Plugin – Our favorite of 2012


Create magical content layouts with Isotope.js

The awesome people over at Meta Fizzy really do make delightful web resources, as they claim. We know, because we use one of their resources on a regular basis: The Isotope jQuery Plugin. In fact, we love Isotope so much we’re naming it our favorite web-design plugin of 2012.

Isotope is truly an amazing piece of Javascript that transforms boring, mundane web-layouts into magically dynamic building blocks that  are not only intelligently structured, but sortable and filterable. The smart folks over at Meta Fizzy also programmed Isotope to use the best browser features available for animating content, meaning Isotope can recognize if your browser supports GUI acceleration or CSS transition and use a Javascript fallback for those browsers that don’t.

To say Isotope is packed with features would be, well, highly accurate.  There are at least eight different layout modes to fit practically any content structure imaginable, be it vertical, horizontal, or fluid.  It even supports infinitely scrollable content!  We already mentioned sortable and filterable content – you can see a great example of it right here on our main blog page – but it is hands down our favorite feature. We could go on and on about the various other features, but we do want to mention the ability to add content in real time.  For example, if your website has an event calendar and you want your users to be able to add events in real-time and be instantly available (without a page-refresh), then Isotope has your back.

We’ve implemented Isotope is a variety of ways for our clients: blog posting, portfolio management, and calendar events. The possibilities are endless.  If you have a project in mind that could take advantage of Isotope and want to leverage our experience and knowledge with implementing it, or you just want to discuss some other possibilities, then send us a Request for Proposal.


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